Civil Litigation

Any dispute sued in Court that does not involve a criminal prosecution is described as civil litigation. The firm represents clients in State and Federal Court in cases involving: Administrative Law, Antitrust Appeals, Arbitration Business, Transactions and Tax, Civil Rights Cases, Employment and Labor, Federal Programs, First Amendment and Media, Health Care, Nursing Home Care, and Medical Products, Intellectual Property, International Disputes, Plaintiffs’ Litigation, Serious Injuries, Product Liability, Torts and Medicine, Professional Liability Defense, Real Estate, Securities and Financial Services Litigation, Sports, Trusts and Estates. Because the firms’ members are keenly aware of the significant risks and costs of Civil Litigation, they strive always to advise their clients in a way that keeps them out of court. However, when an aggressive prosecution or defense is called for, Demetras & O’Neill are the lawyers of choice in Northern Nevada.